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The first year of feeding affects everything in your baby’s life.

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Prenatal Care

Prenatal preparation for easy feeding -breastfeeding and bottle feeding tools, birth plan for breastfeeding, setting up breastfeeding space at home, what you really need for breastmilk alternatives

Newborn Lactation Support

Easy breastfeeding the first days – feeding baby in the hospital and when you get home are 2 different ball (or boobie) games. Go home with someone on your team for confident feeding, less nipple pain, working on a great milk supply.

Infant Feeding Questions

Transitioning to bottle feeding, feeding through growth spurts, transitioning to a workin’ mama. We got your back -and boobies!

Infant Feeding Questions

Easy introduction of solid foods, time saving feeding tips, making fun feeding memories while creating a healthy eater for life. We even set you up for feeding after the big 1 birthday!