There are 2-hour delivery services for groceries, personal stylists available at the click of a mouse, and even personal trainers hiding in wardrobe mirrors. 

With all the amazing ways that make our lives easier, more efficient, and wellness-oriented, there remains a glaring gap in care for the most crazy and vulnerable time in our lives – the arrival of your new baby!

Yes, your mom, and your mom’s mom, raised babies, fed them, and made it through. But in these days of information overload, amazing science, and overwhelming opinions, we need to make a mom’s life easier. Well, that is the mission of NurtureTalk

60% of moms give up on their breastfeeding goals sooner than they’d planned.

20% more babies suffer failure to thrive and food allergies related to misguided feeding information.

80% of internet users seek health information online. “Googling” greatly increases health anxiety, is not accurate, and non-validated by health information can lead to self-misdiagnosis. 

$70 BILLION dollars is pocketed by companies that hold the health of moms and babies on the bottom of their priority list.

It is time to bring on-demand help to all families when, where, and how it is needed most. 

NurtureTalk is connecting infant feeding experts to pregnant women and new mothers who need unbiased, reliable, timely, and tailored infant feeding information through two way text messaging and vlogging. NurtureTalk’s Best-Feeding Friends (BFFs) are licensed registered dietitians, breastfeeding consultants, and breastfeeding counselors who provide unbiased and reliable infant feeding information based on the latest science and supported by years of experience working with moms and babies. No bias, no bull. 

Sign up for NurtureTalk, an infant feeding concierge service where BFFs are available through instant text-messaging, and will thoughtfully curate infant feeding answers whenever questions or worries arise. Plus, NurtureTalk offers weekly infant feeding emails with information to match babies’ milestones. Plus plus, you will be added to the BFF social media gold mine where you will be connected to moms just like you. Together, we can tackle whatever the stork brings.

How does it work? Choose your service package and you will be charged a one-time fee (that costs less that you spend on diapers) and we will connect you to a BFF via a secure phone application. Neat, right? Check out this video to learn more.