People do well if they can. Moms do well when they are connected in information and love. 

Oh yes. Before the baby is born, and the close days following the birth there is TONS of love and attention surrounding mom.  Baby showers, gifts, phone calls, and family fawning over the baby. 

The problem is that a mom needs information and love, around-the-clock, long after those first few days.

Melissa is one of these moms. Despite having 2 other kids who were successfully breastfed, her third baby, Lilah, was born 2 ½  weeks early and had a hard start with breastfeeding that was even further complicated with a tongue tie. Melissa found herself not being able to breastfeed well even after getting superior help while she was in the mother baby unit and even after a visit to a breastfeeding group at a local hospital after discharge. She found herself at 10pm one night feeling defeated with nowhere to turn for help. “There was one night when I was like is this even going to work, [the baby] was screaming so hard, she wouldn’t latch, I was at my wits end.”

She was looking up ‘off hours infant feeding help’ when she found NurtureTalk. Not even an hour later, she was texting with an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who is a leading breastfeeding expert. 

The consequences that moms face from lack of support and access to helpful information is lower maternal confidence in infant feeding – whether that is breastfeeding, pumping, or other. Research shows that this lower maternal confidence is linked to higher rates of feeling sad, anxious, and increased feeding problems for the baby.

Without NurtureTalk, Melissa would have had to wait until morning, call someone, hope to get an appointment, and in the meantime endure an entire night that had already brought her to tears.

Melissa says “It was like the unknown, and you know as a new mom there is something really scary about the nighttime so I feel like my anxiety really creeps in in the nighttime, so the fact that I had that resource and could contact someone at night was really comforting.”

NurtureTalk helps moms do well

Instead of giving up. Going through a whole night of worry and suffering alone, Melissa felt like she was heard, got the exact information she needed, and felt love at a time in her life where no one else was around. 

You may be a mom who is about to start the infant feeding journey. Or maybe you have a loved one who is going to have a baby. Either way, over 200 moms agree that you need to click here to sign-up for the gift of ‘doing well’.