tBreastfeeding Positions for Success

Welcome back mama! If you’re here, then you’re wondering just how do I get a comfortable breastfeeding position? You’ve probably tried each and every position you’ve found on google by this point. But, don’t worry, I’m here to help you learn how to feed with less pain and more comfort! Which I’m sure all of us mama’s want!

So, in breastfeeding we throw the word latch around like the kardashians throw dinner parties. If you don’t have a fabulous latch – you’re overanalyzing everything that could be wrong. So, let’s talk about how mamas get a good latch easily and what the best feeding position is to practice first. Finally, no more nipple pain!

News flash – latching is not rocket science but it does take patience and practice because getting through the first 10 days of trials is soooo worth it.

Let’s look at the 6 most important tips for an easy latch.


  1. Line up the baby’s nose to nipple so that when latching, the baby’s head will be tipped back. You know, like when you order that giant cheeseburger and take a very unladylike bite. 
  2. Wait for a wide mouth.
  3. After he is latched make sure there are fish lips – no tucking the lips under.
  4. After he is latched look for an asymmetrical latch – the more colored part of the areola by the nose is showing.
  5. Chin is close to breast, not nose.
  6. Avoid holding the baby by the back of the head. 
  7. Latch does not feel good after 10 seconds – try again until it does!


There is NO right breastfeeding positions to get a good latch. It is whatever feels right to you and the baby, where you fit together like 2 puzzle pieces. Trial and error is the key when finding the right breastfeeding positions!

BUT, what is the best breastfeeding position to try from the start? 

This is the Laid Back breastfeeding (also known as the australian hold because mom is down under).

Why is laid back one of the best positions for easy breastfeeding?

  1. Gravity helps with deep latch and helps the baby swallow better. 
  2. You are more comfortable because it avoids our tendency to bring boob to baby instead of baby to boob. 
  3. Mammals (that’s us) are born to feed on their bellies where the connection of their tummy, hips, legs, and feet with your warm body trigger baby confidence.
  4. You can be comfortable in this position for long periods of time -feeding in the early days can take a large part of your day and this is normal!  


Lastly here, let’s talk about nipple pain. I’m sure everyone’s favorite topic! 

Well, some tenderness is normal. But nipple pain should not last the whole feed – if pain lasts longer than 10 seconds, ask for help from a lactation specialist. 

For minor pain that can happen in the early days, try these 6 things to help the girls feel better: 

  1. Get a good latch every time.
  2. Expose nipples to air (yes, hunny, lets those nips fly free). 
  3. Use breast creams like Lanolin and other natural nipple creams after each feeding. 
  4. Simply apply some expressed breastmilk on them (remember the immune properties in breastmilk). 
  5. Avoid using harsh soaps. 
  6. And please please make sure you change your breast pads frequently.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy mama day! For more helpful tips on breastfeeding, follow nurturetalk on pinterest for how to’s and more information on early breastfeeding tips for long term success

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