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Our Best-Feeding Friends (BFFs), because they are dietitians, are the only healthcare professionals who are licensed to provide universal infant feeding help.

At NurtureTalk we connect you with BFFs who have experience, understanding, and training in all things related to breastfeeding, formula feeding, mixed feeding, or introducing solid foods. 

After working with hundreds of moms, We have built NurtureTalk as the perfect on-demand solution for personalized infant feeding help.

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What Our Moms are Saying

As a first time mom, having 2-way texting support gave me both the guidance and confidence boost I needed in order to shift my breastfeeding journey into a positive and successful one.  It made such a huge impact, I would recommend this service to anyone struggling like I was. 10/10!

-Kelly, NH

Getting answers to breastfeeding questions in real time via text message has been immensely helpful to my breastfeeding journey. I have been able to get thorough input on my specific situation rather than wading through lots of conflicting answers online. I also was able to reach out and receive help right as I was sitting down and nursing my baby, rather than waiting for a call back from my hospital’s IBCLC. There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to breastfeeding issues, so having the personalized support has been so reassuring.

– Ashley, MA

As a first time Mom, Emily provided so much guidance and support, but more importantly assured me I was doing a good job. Emily’s knowledge about breastfeeding, Moms’ nutrition and infant healthy eating is impressive, but her caring and nurturing spirit helped make this once nervous Mama in to a feeding pro. I am truly grateful for her thoughtful, in-depth, invaluable texts and phone calls.

– Jennifer, CA

Emily uses a mix of her professional background and experience with her experience as a mother to support families of all kind. She has the scientific knowledge and real mother experience to give suggestions that are both proven to work and realistic. She prioritizes family’s daily routines and wishes to create a professional partnership to support babies. I have been so lucky to have Emily in my corner and know I can count on her for future challenges.

-Kristyn, RI